What to Expect During Emergency Repair Services

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Dec 16, 2022 Posted by: Sarah Wambua Pool Tips
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The need for emergency repair services can arise unexpectedly. If you own a pool, you’ll need a professional in pool repair. Replacement of a filter or skimmer is often all that’s required to fix a pool. For this reason, it is best to hire a professional and skilled pool repair company like Quality USA Pools to come out and determine if your pool repair is a simple and inexpensive fix or a more extensive repair job.

What to Expect During Emergency Repair Services

Here’s what to expect during emergency repair services:

Issues with Pool Lighting

Lighting in a pool can make nighttime swimming more enjoyable, but the fun is over when the power goes out.

Lighting problems in pools typically involve the following:

  • Wall-mounted lighting for a pool
  • Water-filled pool light fixture
  • There is no change in the color of the lights.
  • The pool lighting won’t turn on

You can rest easy knowing that any problems with your pool will be fixed once you call for emergency repair services.

Chlorinator or salt filter issues

Sanitation is a necessity for any swimming pool. Some go for chlorinators, while others prefer salt filters. If either of these features is malfunctioning, you may need to contact a pool repair provider.

Problems with the salt system may include:

  • Salt cell plumbing leaks
  • There are salt readings on display that are inaccurate
  • A malfunctioning control panel for the salt system or a salt cell
  • Dirty salt cell
  • Continuously negative results for chlorine

You might not be able to spot these issues, but an expert definitely will. Technicians from Quality USA Pools will check out your equipment when you call in with any issues.

Pool heater problems

If you are in possession of a pool heater, you will no doubt want it to function as intended. It may occasionally experience issues that necessitate emergency repair services in order to function at peak efficiency. Calling in the pros might bring you either a refurbished system or refurbished parts. This will depend on the severity of the damage. Repair costs range from $400 for minor part replacements to $2,000 for a full heater replacement. The price might nearly quadruple if you buy a new heater.

Controls and timers

You can find control systems and timers in many people’s pools. With them, you can avoid damaging your equipment or turning your pool green because of improper on/off switching. It’s preferable to get these issues taken care of immediately.

Problems with pool timers and controls frequently include:

  • Unfortunately, you can’t use your smartphone or other mobile devices to manage the pool.
  • There has been an issue with the pool timer not activating or deactivating the equipment as expected.
  • The pool will not be heated during a freeze if the timer is set to do so
  • The unpredictable turning on/off of some pool apparatus
  • The time on the pool clock is always wrong.

Some of the many times you can need emergency repair services are listed here. Call a technician if you need more clarification about the integrity of any other pieces of equipment.

Problems with the Swimming Pool Filter

Maintaining your pool includes tasks like filter changes and cleaning. However, there will be instances when your filter will require further maintenance. It might be time to bring in the pros for some pool repairs when this happens. You shouldn’t let your pool’s filter break for too long. This is because the water in it could become contaminated with bacteria or algae.

Hiring a swimming pool repair service

Hiring professionals for emergency repair services help homeowners protect a priceless backyard amenity. Our highly trained pool repair specialists are happy to offer a wide range of services to restore your pool to swimmability.

What to Expect During Emergency Repair Services

Threats to swimmers’ safety, low water pressure, equipment failure, and other similar problems are all situations where you need emergency repair services.

A simple activity like cleaning the pool may turn into a major headache if not handled properly. As a result, it’s crucial to have the job done right from the outset by employing a qualified pool repair expert. Failure to do so can result in costly damage to your property and swimming pool.

We provide emergency repair services around the clock since we know that pool equipment problems can arise at any time. Contact Quality USA Pools immediately if you have any further inquiries regarding our pool equipment repair services or need to arrange a repair. Whenever you need help, we’ll be here to provide it.

Need emergency repair services?

Things might quickly spiral out of control, necessitating immediate attention, as in the case of needing emergency repair services. Whatever pool disaster you’ve faced, our skilled pool professionals can help restore your pool to its original glory. We’ll also give you a full report on the emergency repairs we made for you. Contact us today!

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