Build a Beautiful Pool at an Affordable Price

Check out our semi-inground pools for sale in Canton, SD

Is your house built on a slope? You don't have to give up on your dream of owning your own swimming pool. Quality USA Pools LLC has many different types of semi-inground pools for sale in Canton, SD. We'll help you find one you can use to build a beautiful pool in your backyard.

All you have to do is decide on the design you want and we'll take care of the digging and installation. With extensive semi-inground pool installation experience, we can build a custom pool that fits your yard and looks incredible. Set up the pool installation you want by calling us today.

How a semi-inground pool is different

Inground pools are dug directly into your yard. Above-ground pools are simply placed on top of your land. So what is a semi-inground pool? These pools are unique because...

  • They're built into slopes to give the appearance of being inground while having the affordability of above-ground options
  • You can use insulated walls to help keep your pool water longer, saving you money on your heating bill
  • Semi-inground pool installations can use a custom design to fit unusual yard shapes and work around utility lines and pipes

Since semi-inground pools can be installed virtually anywhere, you can get the pool you want built to match your unique yard. Learn more about our semi-inground pools for sale when you call 605-670-1101.