How a Vinyl Inground Pool is Installed

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Apr 20, 2023 Posted by: Sarah Wambua Pool Tips
How a Vinyl Inground Pool is Installed

You should hire reliable pool professionals if you want a well-installed vinyl inground pool. Quality USA Pools has trained professionals with the expertise to install a vinyl inground pool. Getting a vinyl inground pool put in requires a lot of planning. You’ll need to measure your pool and decide on a style and color for the liner before you can order one.

How a Vinyl Inground Pool is Installed

After building an inground pool, professionals can install vinyl liners without delay. The pool’s floor and walls will be protected from wear and tear for longer if they install the liner as soon as feasible.

You should see the steps below while installing a vinyl inground pool.

Pool design meeting

The builder will finalize the pool’s dimensions and placement of the filtration system at a site meeting before they bring in the excavator.

Excavation for a pool

The pool-digging team is on its way to the site. They must have access to electricity and water. In addition, they’ll need a phone number to call you if they encounter buried stumps, a ledge, insufficient soil to support the pool, etc.

Assembling the walls of the pool

Steel wall panels will be installed after the wall team arrives. They will next use a laser transit to level the pool. This ensures that it is exactly level in your backyard before they finish. They’ll pour a concrete collar around the pool’s perimeter, the shallow end’s floor, and the deep end pad. At this installation stage, the pool builder will require access to both water and power.

Plan plumbing

Upon arrival, the pool building team will install all necessary piping per the site conditions and terms of the contract. The pipes can be run all the way to the filter. The pool professionals can terminate them at the pool’s edge and continue later. The plumbing will be pressurized with air or water during the entire vinyl inground pool building project.


Once the builder pours the concrete and installs the first round of piping, they’ll use additional fill to rough grade the site. They would prefer more fill delivered now while the machine is already there. Once they level the ground, the electrician can begin wiring the building.

Hard base

The professional pool builder will order a gunite concrete mix to complete the sloping walls in the deep-end hopper once they grade the pool. This method of building the pool is more expensive than using vermiculite or stone dust, but it prevents issues from arising in the future.

Installation of vinyl lining

They’ll put in the liner once the hard bottom has cured. Our professional team will install a foam wall pad along the wall’s perimeter and over the shallow end floor to give the pool a cushioned feel. Then, shield the liner from the cement floor’s imperfections. They’ll install specialized vacuums to draw out air from behind the liner to achieve a perfect fit.

Pool start-up

You can call the pool builder’s office when the pool has been filled to the middle of the skimmer, and the electrician has finished wiring the filtration system. They will arrange a time to meet with you and go over pool care and maintenance.

Benefits of vinyl inground pool installation

You may enjoy your pool for many seasons with the right pool liner. Having an inground pool liner has many advantages.

·        Comfortable for swimming:

Vinyl, which coats the pool’s concrete exterior, is soft to the touch and protects swimmers from cuts and scratches in the event of a fall.

·        Easy maintenance:

Cleaning the pool is a breeze if you use the right chemicals. Quality USA Pools is here to assist you in maintaining a clean and risk-free swimming pool.

How a Vinyl Inground Pool is Installed

·        Different design choices:

Decorated vinyl pool liners can look like just about anything. Blue pool liners, as well as those made to look like reefs or tile, are available.

·        Easy installation:

Professionals with the appropriate training can install swimming pools in hours.

Need a vinyl inground pool installed? Hire the pros at Quality USA Pools today!

Although a professionally installed vinyl liner has a lifespan of up to two decades, there may be times when you need to replace the liner sooner. Several factors, including the vinyl pool liner’s quality and thickness, the liner’s installation, the pool’s exposure to the sun, its kind and frequency of use, and the pool’s water chemistry, all contribute to how long the liner lasts. When installing a vinyl inground pool, especially one of an unusual size or shape, it’s best to seek the advice of professionals. Contact us at Quality USA Pools today!

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