5 Above ground pool designs you don't want to miss

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May 19, 2023 Posted by: Lauren Pool Tips
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If you’re searching for an easy and cost-effective way to beat the summer heat, an above ground pool may be exactly what you’re after. These budget-friendly pools provide a convenient alternative to in-ground ones without incurring the costs and inconvenience associated with digging a big hole in your backyard. But that doesn’t mean they don’t come with stylish designs that transform backyards into vacation-worthy getaway. Here are five above ground pool designs you shouldn’t miss.

Wood Panel Pool

Whilst wood panel pools may seem rustic and natural, they’re actually an ideal way to achieve a modern rustic aesthetic. Boasting wooden panels enclosing their pools for an inviting cabin-like aesthetic. You can make one out of cedar, redwood, or pressure treated pine, as long as its panels have already been precut and predrilled so assembling it yourself using basic tools is straightforward.

Wood panel pools offer many advantages, one being their seamless integration into their surroundings. You can easily add plants and rocks for an authentic-looking oasis. Furthermore, their durability means you’ll get to enjoy it for years.

Decked-Out Pool

Looking to bring resort-style pool experience into your backyard? Consider creating one with a decked-out pool. These pools feature an extensive deck surrounded by chairs that provides space for lounging, dining and entertainment – be it wood, composite material or concrete depending on personal taste.

Decked-out pools are an excellent way to transform any backyard space into something truly functional and stunning. You can add features such as outdoor lighting, built-in benches, and even a hot tub; making every visit feel like vacation.

Glass Wall Pools

Looking for something truly spectacular and distinctive? A glass wall pool will surely impress. These pools feature transparent acrylic or glass walls that allow water to pass through them into the pool, creating an impressive visual display and mesmerizing visual display.

Glass wall pools are ideal for making an eye-catching statement in your backyard. Made of different materials such as concrete or steel, the pool’s construction can be customized to fit into your space and the glass walls can even be modified for improved visual effects. You could even add lighting effects for added visual impact!

Pool with a View

Do you have an idyllic backyard view to make the most of? A pool designed with this in mind takes advantage of it by providing stunning sightlines while creating an exquisite swimming experience. A pool with a view can maximize its visuals to provide a splendid setting for your swimming adventures.

There are various methods available for creating a pool with an impressive view. Elevating it above ground level provides unobstructed views; positioning it to take advantage of an interesting vista; or adding landscaping features around your pool can further accentuate and frame its view and enhance its beauty.

Naturalistic Pool

If you want a pool that seamlessly fits into your backyard environment, naturalistic pools may be just what’s needed. These pools are designed to mimic the look and feel of an aquatic body in nature with rocks formations, waterfalls and plant life all adding character and dimension.

Naturalistic pools can create an oasis of relaxation in any backyard. You can choose from various materials like concrete or fiberglass, with custom landscaping around your pool that meets your tastes and preferences. Furthermore, beach entry or swim-up bars can enhance its naturalistic charm further.

Tips for Selecting an Above Ground Pool Designs

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Now that you’ve seen some of the most popular above ground pool designs, how can you select an appropriate pool for your backyard? Here are a few guidelines to assist in making an informed choice.

Consider Your Budget: Since above ground pools come with various price tags, make sure your purchase fits within your budget. Keep in mind that certain designs may incur more in maintenance or installation expenses.

Think About Your Space: The size and shape of your backyard play an essential role when selecting an ideal pool design. Be sure to measure this space, taking note of any obstacles such as trees or slopes which might impede installation of the pool.

Consider Your Lifestyle: How will you use your pool? Are you hoping to entertain guests, relax with family or exercise in it? Different pool designs will fit different lifestyles; make sure you select one which meets all of your requirements.

Final Thoughts on Above Ground Pool Designs

An above ground pool is an effective way to stay cool and have fun while keeping the family entertained during summer days. With all its various designs to choose from, you can create a backyard oasis that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From naturalistic pools to those with decked-out designs, there’s sure to be one just right for you.

When you’ve decided on an above ground pool for your backyard, contact Quality USA Pools to get your project started!

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